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About Draft Beam®


The Pour

A regular full size keg contains approximatel 1,980 ounces of beer. 


A properly calibrated beer tap system should pour 2oz. of draft beer every second.

An average full size keg can provide up to 165 individual 12 oz.  servings of beer.

The Light

Spillage can account for an estimated 1/2 oz per serving due to improper lighting.

Draft Beam® patent pending Beervision® technology reduces spillage by increasing awareness using focused light. 


The Savings

It takes 6-8 seconds to properly dispense a single 12oz. draft beer.

The approximate lifespan of each Draft Beam® has been estimated at 2,800 single 12 oz. pours. 

Draft Beam's potential for reducing spillage calculates into a projected savings of $60.00 - $100.00 for the life of the unit.

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